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Our Story

Galeshewe Youth Network (GYN) was established in June 2019 and was formally registered on the 4 July of 2019 with the aim of bringing the spark back to Galeshewe, Kimberley and the Northern Cape as a whole. The organization started as an umbrella organization founded by four organizations namely Galeshewe Green, Galeshewe Sports, Arts & Culture, Teemaneng Arts & Tourism Development and Galeshewe Mathematics & Science Institute, targeting different sectors that are critical to our development and restoration efforts.

Experienced perpetual growth since its inception lobbying and advocating for equal opportunities for young people was funded by the National Lotteries in 2021 to host a 3 day NPO Governance workshop for 18 organizations in April 2021, partnered with Department of Sport, Arts & Culture to host 16 June Youth Employment Acceleration drive where more than 100 young people registered on our database. 

We started by providing essential services to our community by positioning the office as a resource and service center for young people.  GYN positioned itself to be a critical community-based response that seeks to minimize the impact of poverty and encourages young people to actively participate in education & skills development, employment acceleration and small business development initiatives. GYN is a youth-based model that gives community access to equal opportunities.  To individuals we offer basic leadership training programmes, personal development, start-up business support programmes to aspiring entrepreneurs.


We're always looking to create and share new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

   0781878844 / 0682030258

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